Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Still Life

Here is my first Still Life Painting!!

Tony, my still life professor gave us almost a week to have this painted.  It was my first still life.  I'm happy how things turned out.  Although I didn't finish it it was a great exercise and helped me get warmed up for the semester.  We intend to paint, glass, metal and other objects through out the year.  I'm pretty excited.

Here is a portrait drawing I did in my night class Portrait Painting class. Our regular model didn't show up so this was  a single day pose.

Here is another portrait drawing.  Not the original model.  She's been sick.  Single day pose.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back to School Fall 2010

School kicked off this past Tuesday.  It's exciting to be back although I don't look forward to the commute.  Life requires sacrifices though to get what you want.  Here are some things I did this summer.


This is a still life I am working on.  I'm going to crop it differently once I transfer it to my canvas.  Composition wise it is really simple.  Old American flag with a WWII helmet in front.  

This is the portrait from the color figure painting workshop I took this summer with Douglas Flynt.  He was an incredible teacher.  I learned a ton.

I tried to sketch a lot this summer, especially out doors.  My girls wanted to be outside all the time.  I enjoyed these plant studies.

I was working on a lot of studies this summer.  All of these hands were done from life, mine or my wife's.  I wanted to paint them and started to, but life got too busy.   

These were also all taken from life.  I enjoyed these quick sketches.

Thanks for Looking!