Saturday, January 24, 2009


Need a hand? I'm still not done, but I should finish it up this coming week. When all is said and done I think it will have taken just over 2 months. On this particular cast I feel like I really have grown a lot more than on the previous ones. I feel a lot more capable of identifying the relationship of values and placing those down on paper to get an object to look 3-D. I still have to do a final project. I'm looking around to find a cast I want to do. I'm thinking about doing a full figure ecorche cast (ecorche removes the skin and shows the underlining muscle structure). After coming back from Christmas break we started working from live models. I have included a few drawings of these.

This was the first figure drawing I did.

Each is a 4 hour pose.

This was my first portrait drawing. I have really enjoyed portraiture and have actually started a portrait of my wife.

This was our second week model and first female model.

This picture was taken about 2 hours in to my drawing.

Thanks for Looking!