Sunday, June 12, 2011

Welcome to Georgia

Life has changed drastically for myself and my family.  We moved to Georgia and I will start a masters degree in Medical Illustration at the Georgia Health Sciences University in the Fall.  This is a bit of  change for me, but combines two things I enjoy greatly, science and art.  I have included several paintings as well as studies I have been working on lately.  I miss the GCA and feel very fortunate to have studied there.  I am a little surprised but I miss New York City too, but the next two years will be a unique opportunity as well and I look forward to the adventure. 
The tomatoes were a quick setup I completed in a couple of hours.  I blocked it in with paint and got to work.  It was  a good opportunity to get back into painting again.

The American Flag and World War II helmet is something I've been working on for a while.  I completed the underpainting in New Jersey and started painting it here in Georgia yesterday.  Since the setup changed I've had to rely heavily on photographs, my value study and a new setup that is not exactly the same but close.

 The bottles are something I started and havn't finished up yet.  I put a first layer down, but the details need to be ironed out.In art school we only used graphite and I have had a desire learn how to use charcoal. I have included several skull studies I completed to help me become more familiar with the medium.

Thanks for Looking!