Saturday, March 9, 2013

I have not posted in the last 21 months or so... you've probably noticed.  Graduate school has kept me extremely busy.  However, it's almost over, two more months and I'm done.  I'm excited to move on, get a job and start to really develop my career.  Unfortunately, I have not had a lot of time to further develop my traditional art lately and am looking forward to picking up the paint brush again.  The program has helped in indirect ways, however.  I feel my use of color has improved and most importantly my conceptual drawing skills have improved significantly.  One other thing, and funny enough probably the most important is my story telling abilities have really improved, which is very important for all aspects of my art.  In any case if your interested in what I've been doing for the last 21 months check out my web site,

I have posted a few drawings from my work, as well as my masters project I am currently working on.  I am creating an animation explaining Cervical Cancer and the importance of getting regular pap tests.  It will be used by an outreach program, Salud es Vida, aimed at helping educate Latina women in Southern Georgia about the importance of Pap examinations in early detection of Cervical Cancer.

Look forward to more posts soon.


This is a cross section of the uterus showing the cervix.  It is an image I created for my masters project.

This is the inside of the heart.  I created this drawing for a poster about the possible implications of a tooth abscess.  Although rare it is possible for a tooth abscess to lead to endocarditis and even go on to the brain to form a brain abscess.

Thanks for Looking!